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D.M.R. Law Offices has successfully resolved over one thousand cases by way of settlement or jury verdict, resulting in millions of dollars in compensation for clients. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Attorney David M. Roth is a graduate of Marquette University High School and the University of Wisconsin – Madison. After graduating from Brooklyn Law School and practicing in New York for 3 years, Roth returned to Wisconsin where he has been a licensed attorney since 2004.

Having spent years working as a staff counsel at a very prominent national insurance company and defending its insureds in personal injury litigation, Attorney David M. Roth has been "on the inside" seeing how insurance companies defend personal injury claims.

Insurance companies want an injured claimant to accept a settlement as soon as possible. Either before they hire an attorney or before the individual even understands the seriousness of his or her injuries. They will suggest that your case is “typical” and that it is only worth an “x” amount of dollars.

In reality, every case is unique, and D.M.R. Law Offices can maximize compensation by ensuring every aspect of the client’s case is properly evaluated by an adjuster. Attorney David M. Roth has chosen to use his extensive experience and skills to fight for individuals that have been injured as a result of others' negligence.

Working with D.M.R. Law Offices means you get an attorney that has worked on thousands of personal injury cases from the very beginning through their conclusion. You will not be passed around between young and inexperienced paralegals like the mega firms you see on T.V. Mega firms often handle cases like an assembly line, meaning you often won’t even know the name of your attorney because one won’t be assigned to your case until it is time to negotiate a settlement.

Attorney David M. Roth takes the time to sit with every client, answer all their questions, and build a rapport that translates into confidence in knowing they’ll be treated well and get the best result. Because D.M.R. Law Offices doesn’t have young, inexperienced paralegals working on cases, you can be sure your claim will be handled from start to finish utilizing the wealth of knowledge Attorney David M. Roth has accumulated in his years of practice.

D.M.R. Law Offices knows getting the maximum results on an individual claim means treating you as a person and not just another number. D.M.R. Law Offices clients know they do not need to worry about their case getting lost in the shuffle. Instead, they have confidence in knowing their case is being handled by an attentive, vigilant, and experienced attorney. This includes injuries resulting from auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and dog bites. As a result, they can focus on getting the medical treatment needed to heal from their injuries.

Attorney David M. Roth Is Distinguished as A Top Ten Personal Injury Attorney in Wisconsin!

Attorney David M. Roth is extremely proud and humbled to have been named as a Top Ten Personal Injury Attorney in Wisconsin. Selected by the NAOPIA Board of Governors, The National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys uses a thorough selection process to determine the top Personal Injury attorneys in each state which includes:

  1. The attorneys who make the NAOPIA list must first be nominated by a licensed practicing attorney.

  2. Second, the NAOPIA research staff verifies the nominated individuals meet the minimum requirements of membership in the NAOPIA.

  3. Then the NAOPIA processing committee selects a portion of the nominated attorneys to advance to the final selection stage.

  4. Finally, the NAOPIA Board of Governors officially selects the TOP 10 Personal Injury attorneys in each state.

With thousands of attorneys in each state, the NAOPIA's rigorous, independent selection process resolves the challenge of attorneys claiming to be "the best" without a basis for such claims. For the injured, finding a well-qualified Personal Injury attorney is imperative and the NAOPIA's process leaves no doubt as to whom the preeminent Personal Injury attorneys are. Contact us today for a free consultation.