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Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, we hold special respect and love for motorcycles. Unfortunately, every year there are very serious accidents involving motorcycle riders. Oftentimes, these accidents result from careless driving, negligence, and the fault of another person on the roadway. Wisconsin law entitles motorcycle riders and passengers who are not at fault to be compensated for their property damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

D.M.R. Law Offices knows motorcycle cases are unique in that they often result in severe and catastrophic injuries. It’s important to get these types of accidents investigated as soon as possible to determine liability and verify adequate insurance coverage. Likewise, motorcycle claims can also come as a result of non-contact accidents where the motorcycle operator is forced to lay down his vehicle to avoid a collision. These cases also require immediate investigation as well as tracking down of witnesses to establish liability.

Having worked "on the inside" of a very prominent national insurance company, Attorney David M. Roth knows how insurance companies handle and evaluate these claims. Insurance companies want an injured claimant to accept a settlement as soon as possible. This means either before they hire an attorney, or before the individual understands the seriousness of his or her injuries. They will suggest that your case is “typical” and that it is only worth an “x” amount of dollars.

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In reality, every case is unique and D.M.R. Law Offices can maximize compensation by ensuring every aspect of the client’s case is properly evaluated by an adjuster. With over a decade of experience as a Milwaukee personal injury attorney, David M. Roth takes his commitment to his clients seriously.

Not only does Attorney David M. Roth work on a contingency basis (meaning he doesn’t accept any fees until he successfully wins compensation claims for his clients), he works hard to investigate and litigate his clients’ personal injury claims so that they get everything they deserve.

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With D.M.R. Law Offices, you can count on Attorney David M. Roth to pursue all avenues of compensation to get you the largest compensation he can, and you can count on receiving the best service possible. Attorney David M. Roth takes the time to sit with every client, answer all their questions, and build a rapport that translates into confidence in knowing they’ll be treated well and get the best result.

Because D.M.R. Law Offices doesn’t have young, inexperienced, paralegals working on cases, you can be sure your claim will be handled from start to finish utilizing the wealth of knowledge Attorney David M. Roth has accumulated in his years of practice. D.M.R. Law Offices make sure every client understands all aspects of their case and what legal options are available.

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